Champion Home Standby Generator Installations Muskoka by DW Electrical. Local Authorized Champion Dealer and Installer.


Generator Installations

Ensuring you home or business has power 24/7.
DW Electrical is proud to use Champion Generators.
Champion provides superior quality and reliability over the competition.

Power It All

Champion Home Standby Generators can easily power your entire home.
Champion Generators come with 10 Years of Coverage – FREE

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During an outage, your food is the first thing to go. That’s a lot of hard-earned cash out the window. Good news though: we love your groceries as much as you do.

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TV, tablet, computer. These things keep you connected to the world and what you love to do. We keep them powered and protected from erratic power surges.

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Let there be light. That’s our philosophy anyway. Come hurricane, hail or ice storm, your home will still be sunny inside.

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Heat / AC

Whether it's the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, your HVAC is what keeps your family comfy and your home protected. And when your HVAC's happy, everybody's happy.

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Running water is a big deal—you need it for drinking, cleaning and flushing. On the other hand, if it’s running into your basement that’s another kind of big deal—really big. If your home depends on well water or a sump pump, we keep everything working as it should. That means faucets, toilets, showers, washing machine, sump pump and more.